Aluminum Modified Bow Truss Pedestrian Bridge – 108’ x 8’ – Westlake, OH

This aluminum Excel Bridge is 108’ long x 8’ wide clear span Modified Bow Truss. It is engineered according to AASHTO LRFD guide specification for design of pedestrian bridges. The design allows for 90 psf Uniform Live Load. The bridge is equipped with a non-slip aluminum bridge deck and has a fully assembled (deck-included) lifting weight of 21,500 lb. The bridge was shipped in 2 pieces, on over-the-road trucks, and upon arrival, was bolted together during a multi-stage installation. The bridge fit nicely onto the foundations and provides much needed pedestrian trail access across a portion of a small reservoir thru the very beautiful Clague Park in Westlake, OH.





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185′ Modified Bow Made of Weathering Steel in Dover, DE

This Excel Pedestrian Bridge is 185’ long x 14’ wide and has a fully assembled lifting weight of more than 150,000 lb. It’s a Modified Bow truss made of self-weathering corrosion resistant steel, equipped with an IPE hardwood deck, and has a custom woven mesh safety system. The pedestrian bridge is designed in accordance with AASHTO LRFD, with an H-10 (20,000 lb.) vehicle load in addition to the 90 PSF uniform live load. This prefabricated pedestrian bridge was delivered to Dover, Delaware in 6 pieces. Once assembled, the 75 ton steel pedestrian bridge was quickly hoisted into place. The superstructure’s design & fabrication were done in accordance with the Delaware DOT – satisfying all requirements!”

• Size: 185’ x 14’ Modified Bow Truss
• Bridge Lifting Weight: 150,000 lb.
• Uniform Live Load: 90 PSF
• Vehicle Load: H-10 (20,000 lb.)
• Design Criteria: AASHTO LRFD & Delaware DOT






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200′ Bow Truss, Parker, CO

This Excel Pedestrian Bridge is 200’ long x 10’ wide and has a lifting weight of more than 50 tons. It’s a true bowstring truss made of self-weathering corrosion resistant steel, and is equipped with a powder coated wire mesh safety system. The pedestrian bridge is designed for an H-5 (10,000 lb.) vehicle load in addition to the 90 PSF uniform live load. It was delivered to Parker, Colorado in 3 pieces, and once erected, the 117,000 lb. pedestrian bridge was set on the abutments in only 20 minutes!

• 200’ x 10’ Bow Truss
• Bridge Lifting Weight 117,000 lb.
• Uniform Live Load 90 PSF
• Vehicle Load: H-5 (10,000 lb.)
• Powder Coated Wire Mesh Safety System

Timelapse Installation Video:



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Historic Carbon Bridge Replacement, Hat Creek, CA

This Excel Pedestrian Bridge is 160’ long x 8’ wide, built for California Trout, Inc., and replaces the historic Carbon Bridge in Hat Creek, CA. The structure is a Pratt Truss design, made of self weathering steel, and equipped with an IPE Hardwood deck. The Pedestrian and Light Vehicular Bridge has a stainless steel safety cable system, is designed to carry pedestrians and a 10,000 lb. vehicle, and has a lifting weight of over 80,000 lb. Due to limited site accessibility, this Excel Bridge was delivered in 3 sections. After being offloaded, the 3 sections of bridge were moved to the site with tractors, erected with a crane, and quickly set on the abutments without delays!

Complete Installation Video

Timelapse of Final Install

A special thanks to California Trout, Darren Campbell, Val Atkinson and M.Wier for providing the images and videos of the project
More About the Hat Creek Restoration Project

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Two-Span Pedestrian Bridge – Lake Forest, CA

The following Excel Pedestrian Bridge is a 260′ x 10’ two-span continuous. It is made of self weathering steel, with a concrete deck and has a painted wire mesh panel safety system. The two pedestrian bridges were built at two different Excel Bridge production facilities to maximize production efficiency. This Self-Weathering Steel Bridge was delivered onsite and on time for a private home developer in Lake Forest, CA.






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Jackson County Greenway Trail

This Excel Bridge uses our Tide-Arch truss design.  The bridge is 191’ long x 10’6” wide between rails, and is made of self weathering steel.  This beautiful pedestrian bridge is adjacent to the Tuckasegee River in Jackson County, North Carolina.  It connects a pedestrian pathway at Locust Creek to the Jackson County Greenway Trail System.  This stunning aerial imagery is brought to you by

Size: 191’ long x 10’ 6” wide
Location: Locust Creek, Tuckasegee River, Jackson County, North Carolina
Truss Type: Tied-Arch
Material: Self Weathering Steel

Steel Pedestrian Bridge Set in Place over the Tuckasegee River from ImageRhee on Vimeo.




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The Brickyard Trail – Porter, Indiana

The beautiful Brickyard Trail connects the Prairie Duneland trail with the Calumet trail, in Porter, Indiana. Excel Bridge supplied two complete overpass crossings for this trail system. One over HWY 20 and another over HWY 12. These two “Ramp-Overpass-Ramp” solutions included over 1200 lineal feet of support tower, ramp, and pedestrian bridge overpass. The bridges are made out of self weathering steel and painted for aesthetics and longevity. Both systems were fabricated at our facilities in Chattanooga and McDonald, Tennessee.








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Mountains of Visalia, CA – Unique Vehicular Bridge

This Vehicular Beam Span is 12’ wide x 55’ long and is located at a remote site in the mountains of Visalia, CA. This Excel Bridge was built for the Federal Highway Administration, and has an HL-93 load capacity. The bridge is made of self weathering steel, has a Thrie-Beam Guard Rail, and a glulam deck with Douglas-Fir running boards. For more information on manufacturing steel vehicular bridges such as this, please give one of our bridge specialists a call!



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Southern California Edison Pedestrian Bridge

This is a 450 foot long steel pedestrian bridge manufactured by Excel Bridge. The pedestrian bridge spans Walnut Grove Avenue to connect Edison’s corporate offices in Rosemead CA. The pedestrian bridge provides Edison employees a safer and faster way to cross the busy street that separates the two office buildings. This steel bridge is also the first pedestrian bridge erected in the city of Rosemead.


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Kukui’ula Pedestrian Bridge

This steel truss pedestrian bridge is 10’ wide x 108’ long and is located in Koloa on the South Shore of Kauai. The bridge was first fabricated from self weathering steel, and then coated with a urethane enamel series paint. This combination provides longevity despite its proximity to the ocean’s highly corrosive salty air. The bridge included provisions for a concrete deck, and includes IPE, a Brazilian Hardwood, for long lasting aesthetics. The bridge was built as one standing structure, then divided into six modular pieces. This enabled it to be shipped in a Matson cargo container from California to Hawaii.

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Self Weathering Pedestrian Bridge – Multnomah Oregon

This pedestrian bridge spans over a railroad along the beautiful North Portland Greenway Trail in Multnomah, Oregon. This steel truss bridge is 124’ long by 14’ wide and is manufactured out of self weathering steel. The self weathering steel blends well with the surrounding landscape, and has a long useful life while requiring very little maintenance. The bridge was built for the Multnomah County Department of Transportation, specifically for the Willamette Greenway Chimney Park.





Photo Credit: Casey Parks / The Oregonian

Photo Credit: Casey Parks / The Oregonian

Photo Credit: Casey Parks / The Oregonian

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City of Irvine Bridge

These multi-section pedestrian bridges were built for the Irvine Company in Irvine, California. All three pedestrian bridges shown are manufactured out of self-weathing steel – which gives it a natural look – providing longevity with very little maintenance.






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12th Street Pedestrian Bridge, Oakland CA

This beautiful bridge was fabricated by one of our West Coast production plants, is a dark colored “Fir Green,” and sizes 146′ long by 15′ wide! The bridge was built as one standing structure that was eventually split up and shipped as 4 pieces. After arrival, it was erected on site and set into place. The bridge sits adjacent Lake Merritt, a large tidal lagoon that lies just east of downtown Oakland, California.


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Jackson Hill Street Bridge, Houston, TX.

Located near Jackson Hill Street in Houston Texas, this pedestrian bridge is 10’wide x 345’long and spans over Buffalo Bayou Park as part of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Jackson Hill Street is one of three locations that Excel Bridge Manufacturing Co. provided the Buffalo Bayou Partnership with a time-sensitive and cost-effective bridge solution.




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Petaluma River Trail Bridge

This prefabricated pedestrian bridge was built for the city of Petaluma California. This particular prefabricated truss bridge was made from self weathering steel for reliability and longevity.

prefabricated pedestrian bridge in Petaluma California

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Cheyenne Ave Bridge, Las Vegas, NV

This prefabricated pedestrian bridge, located in Las Vegas, NV crossing Cheyenne Ave. This steel truss bridge is fully enclosed and painted for durability and beauty.


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Mancos Colorado, Mesa Street Bridge

This bridge was built for the city of Mancos Colorado providing a passage over the creek to the library. It didn’t take long for the kids to show up!


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Ojai Valley Trail Bridge

Details: 12 x 140 feet each (4 sections total). Self weathering steel bridge for Ventura County, CA. Installation

Date: January 12, 2012.

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244′ Weathering Steel Bridge, South Carolina – Excel’s Tied Arch Design

This recent installation showcases our original “Tied Arch” bridge design. Our tied arch design is not only beautiful, it is tremendously strong. The arch’s geometric shape provides the strength allowing the bridge to reach its incredible span of 244 feet with a 10 foot deck width. The bridge is fabricated from weathering steel with a pressure treated wood deck providing its natural and timeless look. The installation took place in Greenwood, SC just adjacent to the beautiful hunting club, “The Territories.” Although the installation was delayed 4 hours, the structure was still successfully hoisted into place that day. We “excel” in providing our customers with affordable solutions to not only meet their specs but also a design to fit the environment. If you would like more information on this type of bridge for your project, feel free to give us a call (1-800-548-0054) and one of our bridge specialists will be happy to assist.

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Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX

12′ x 60′ / 120′ / 60′ for the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas.

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