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Bridge Types

Q. What type of bridges does Excel design and fabricate?

We fabricate and manufacture the following types of bridges:

  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Vehicular Bridges
  • Creek Crossing Bridges
  • Golf Course Bridges
  • Trail Bridges
  • Pipe Support Bridges
  • Conveyor Support Bridges
  • Overpass/ Skywalk Bridges
  • Other multi purpose bridges

(See below for examples)

Truss bridges economically span farther. Notice there are no beams under this bridge; the railings are the support.
Trusses can be dressed up in many ways to modify their appearance like the Monticito design above. At Excel, one of our company values is helping you conceive a bridge that complements your property.

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STRUCTURES: 30′ to 200′ clear spans

The most common is the Pratt Truss:

Single diagonal Pratt Truss

Double Diagonal Pratt Truss

Excel frequently receives request for:

Bow String Truss

Custom canopy work

Box Pratt Truss

Vierendeel Truss


Complete Overpass System


Please call for an accurate estimate (800) 548-0054 or use our web form for a quick budget price.

For more options see: For Engineers > Bridge Types


Excel bridge can build many different trusses or use girders that incorporate unlimited options – from gates and lighting to timber railings and cobble stone decking, from fire truck capacity to ornate steel railings. We always try to build to your specification.

We are rarely involved when pre-stressed or poured concrete is the part that carries the loads, or with clear spans over 220′ and trusses over 12′ tall. Excel can often provide short, two lane road bridges.

Camber: The arch of a truss or girder bridge is not structural, and generally you may order it flat or with any amount of arch you wish (within reason). For easy accessibility, and for public use, 1% camber is usually specified. ADA (American Disability Act) does have restrictions on the amount of camber that can be used, in case ADA where must be adhered to (For extensive discussion on this topic, visit For Engineers > Common Pitfalls)


Most typical choices you need to make:

Please call for an accurate estimate (800) 548-0054 or use our web form for a quick budget price.

Please refer to For Engineers for more detail of bridge engineering railing systems, finishes, decks, lighting, arches and accessories. There is virtually no limit to the variety of ways your bridge can be built.

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