Orlando FL, Toll Bridge

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Aluminum Overpass, Chile

8 x 613 in Total Length of Bridge and Ramps (Largest Sections: 8 x 113 Clear Span) | Aluminum Overpass | Rancagua, Chile

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Gallinas Diversion Rehab

Project name: Gallinas Diversion Rehabilitation

Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico

Owner: City of Las Vegas.

Size: 52.6’x 4’ & 54’ x 4’

Points of interest: The City of Las Vegas in the state of New Mexico was seeking a solution for maintenance worker/ pedestrian access traffic to cross a diversion channel in a remote canyon with difficult access. They chose a lightweight prefabricated truss bridge option fabricated from weathering steel, with galvanized serrated steel bar grate decking, to insure they’d have a crossing that would have minimal maintenance requirements, yet provide a safe “non-slip” passage, as well as benefit from the longevity only steel has to offer. The proportionally lightweight benefits of our truss style bridges meant bringing in smaller equipment to erect the structures than other forms of construction could offer. This meant saving money not only purchasing the structures, but also installing them.

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University Bridge Replacement

Project name:  University Bridge Replacement

Location:  Hartford, CT

Owner:  University of Hartford

Size:  (2) 120’ x 10’

Points of interest:  The University of Hartford was seeking a solution for their student campus pedestrian traffic to cross a river that flows through the university property.   We’ll let the words of the Senior Director of Facilities, at Hartford Univ. speak for themselves: “Excel was selected from four possible firms to build the replacement bridge needed.   I had contact with two representatives of your company; one presented a quote with (4) possible options to consider, it was clear from his presentation that he listened to our needs and provided all the information we needed.  The other representative’s calm and professional manner instilled confidence that the product would exceed expectations.  The bridge was delivered as promised, and exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

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Private Vehicular Bridge

Project name:  Private Vehicular Bridge

Location:  Saint Helena, CA

Owner:  Private Owner

Size:  78’x 24’  w/ Heavy vehicular load rating

Points of interest:  A private owner in northern CA was seeking a solution for primary vehicular access to their property over a creek in a fairly remote location.   They chose a “Beam” span bridge as it presented more of a “low profile” appearance without tall railing to obstruct any views of the surrounding area.   Another benefit to the “Beam” span style structure with wider spans (such as this two lane bridge), is that it can be set in place in “side by side” sections that reach all the way across the stream but weigh less than setting the entire bridge at one time.   This saves in installation costs because smaller equipment can be used.  This bridge was fabricated from weathering steel, with galvanized form decking to accept a reinforced concrete deck (by others).   This provides a crossing that will have minimal maintenance requirements, yet allow the owner to benefit from the longevity only steel has to offer.

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Animas River Trail

Project name:  Animas River Trail

Location:  Durango, CO

Owner:  City of Durango

Size:  40’ x 10’ / 170’ x 10’ / 40’ x 10’

Points of interest:  The City of Durango was seeking a solution for a unique, aesthetically pleasing pedestrian trail crossing to cross the beautiful Animas River in Colorado without exceeding budget.   They decided to bid the project out as a “design/build” format in where the owner lists a very minimal set of requirements for the bridge except for perhaps the bridge length &  width parameters, and the required bridge loading (for vehicles and pedestrians).  Then in cases like this, they also indicate that they want the most cost effective solution, but aesthetics are also of great importance.    Then each bidding contractor may team up with an engineer, sub-contractors, suppliers, etc.. and try to come up with the best looking and most economical solution between them.   The team Excel worked with chose a lightweight prefabricated “Bow” truss style bridge option, fabricated from weathering steel, with premium tropical hardwood decking.  Our team also provided the owner with an add option to include a couple attractive yet purposeful, bolt-in-place – “walk-out” platforms at the center of the longest span.   As you can see from the photo(s) – the owner preferred our team’s option and also chose the “walk-out” platforms to enhance the already attractive option.

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University of Central Florida

Project name:  University of Central Florida Pedestrian Bridge

Location:  Orlando, FL

Owner:  University of Central Florida

Size:  170’ x 12’  (3) span continuous

Points of interest:  The University of Central Florida was seeking a solution on the grounds of the campus for an attractive bridge to cross a man made pond.  A primary goal was to make this bridge sort of a centerpiece of that area of the campus.   We presented several options and they decided on a prefabricated “H-section” truss style bridge to allow students a clear view of their surroundings when crossing the bridge.  They also chose painted steel, with a galvanized form pan to accept reinforced concrete decking (by others), stainless steel cable safety rails, and built-in-place custom “L.E.D” lighting in the kick (or toe) plate level, all to enhance an already attractive structure.

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