On Time


  • You need design drawings on time
  • You need drawings approved the first time
  • You need the bridge delivered on time
  • You need the bridge to be built to the specification
  • You need to build the abutment to fit the bridge

Excel Bridge will take the lead to create an “on time” attitude with all parties involved. Excel will be on the alert, even before the award of the contract, for issues that may slow your project down and we will keep you informed.


Please call for an accurate estimate (800) 548-0054 or use our web form for a quick budget price.

Communication by faxes, phone calls, FedEx, and e-mail

  1. From you to Excel Bridge
  2. From Excel to the engineer/architect
  3. From engineer to Excel
  4. From Excel Shipping manager to you

You, the contractor, need to also do your part by informing Excel about your deadlines, site limitations, lane closure rules, or any other issues affecting delivery.

Excel will call you 1-3 weeks before delivery. Call Excel if you need more lead time.

The goal is NO SURPRIZES. But should a truck breakdown, or if there is bad weather, or if government interference causes a delay, Excel will call you as soon as we know. Please be sure we have your cell and all other numbers for emergency contact.

  • Allow us to assist you! Complete the form below and provide us with a few particulars for a free & quick budget price. Let us know if you want a friendly representative to call you or simply call us. 800-548-0054

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    Privacy Policy

    In this fast paced world we live in, we know that sometimes you don't have time to wait for a call back. If you need immediate attention, we have provided contact phone numbers to assist you without waiting for our main offices to open up.

    Please rest assured, if you find you are not receiving the personal touch you deserve, feel free to contact Craig Vasquez Owner / President for personal assistance. Reach Craig by calling our Main Office West Coast 800-548-0054 number and ask our receptionist to have Craig paged.

    If you would like to contact our sales manager direct, he would be happy to discuss your project:.

    Sales Manager - Craig Vasquez
    Direct Line: (562) 944-0701
    Email: craigvasquez@excelbridge.com

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