Bridge Types

The engineers and expert team at Excel Bridge will accurately build any type of bridge your project requires, from economy spans to antique reproductions.


Various beam/girder views

Girder bridge with center splice.

The strength and longevity of weathering steel beams,
often covered with the natural beauty of wood.

Wood look with longevity of steel beams inside

Golf cart & maintenance vehicle access

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Arched plate type

Short spans only, usually dressed with masonry or rock.

Truss Types

Pratt – Single diagonal

Pratt – Double diagonal

True bowstring

Modified bow

Modified bow

Note the height of the truss will be determined by the loading, but with Bowstrings this often is lower than what is pictured in the mind of the owner. If for aesthetic reasons a certain truss height is desired, it must be specified.

Warren Truss:

Typical Warren

Divided Warren

Double Warren



Howe (diagonals opposite of the Pratt)

“K” truss

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Additional truss information

Truss section variations:

Pony or half through truss

Box or through truss                         Deck trus


Two types of pony truss configurations:

“U” section, aka under hung floor beam, shorter spans only

“H” section -necessary for longer spans

Truss end conditions (applies to most truss types):

Sloped ends

Squared ends

Notice the squaring effect of the safety rails encroaching upon the of beauty of the bow
Truss diagonals:

Only one is needed for structural reasons, but two may be specified for aesthetic reasons. For competitive bids, the engineer should indicate if diagonal sizes must match or unequal sizes will usually result. Also, if the owner has a preference for pass through vs. pass by diagonals, this should be explored with Excel’s staff. Depending on the bridge parameters, the owner may or may not have a choice. Pass by diagonals are more economical.

Single diagonal

Double diagonal

Unequal sized diagonals

Please call for an accurate estimate (800) 548-0054 or use our web form for a quick budget price.


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