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Pedestrian Walkway Bridges

Excel Bridge has manufactured thousands of pedestrian walkway bridges that can be seen in universities, stadiums, golf courses, overpasses, trails and backyards throughout the world!

Some of the primary considerations for your pedestrian walkway bridge are materials, decking and bridge type which are briefly outlined below:

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You have several materials to choose from when it comes to your pedestrian walkway bridge but it all comes down to what is best for your application. Each material has its benefits and restrictions. Here is a brief description of each:

Weathering Steel:
Weathering steel can be the perfect option in most cases because in can span up to 200’ without intermediate supports and provides a nearly maintenance free / natural looking finish. Some people are fooled by the finish and believe many of our structures are actually fabricated from wood. Although this type of steel costs slightly more than normal mild steel, the “weathering steel” bridges are typically 20-30% less expensive than other options.

Weathering Steel Restrictions:
Weathering steel is not appropriate for extremely humid climates, in close proximity to coastal waters, or other corrosive environments, such as near chlorinated pools, brackish rivers, etc… This steel must go through many wet/dry cycles before the protective layer develops.

Aluminum is a great material for use in pedestrian walkway bridges. Aluminum bridges are durable, corrosion resistant and have a strength-to-weight ratio that is greater than steel. The lightweight nature of aluminum allows for smaller foundations which results in an easier installation. We recommend the use of Aluminum in highly corrosive environments such as coastal, roads that are highly salted or site access is remote.

Aluminum Restrictions:
Aluminum is rated for pedestrian walkway loading and not for heavy vehicles. Aluminum doesn’t span as long as steel without intermediate supports (up to 110’).

Galvanized Steel:
Galvanized is also a great choice for corrosive environments. Aluminum’s span is good up to 110’ whereas galvanized steel can go up to 200.’ Galvanized is also a better alternative to aluminum if the bridge needs to be rated for heavy vehicles (such as emergency vehicles).

Galvanized Restrictions:
Galvanized steel has the same loading as weathering steel however, the process of hot-dipped galvanization adds to the overall cost of the structure.

Painted Steel:

University of California, Irvine, CA

For aesthetics and/or additional corrosion protection, epoxy coatings are commonly used as well on these structures. A number of different paint coating systems can be provided by Excel, please call for discussion.

Typically costing between 10% – 30% (depending on bridge size and paint system) more than weathering steel, painted bridges require periodic inspection, repair, and sometimes blasting and re-coating after many years. Most paint manufacturers agree that paint life is dependent upon material preparation, proper mixing of primer and paint, and correct application, but equally important is the environment the bridge will be subject to, as well as potential damage by people.

Every application is different and one-size doesn’t fit all. There are many variables to consider. Contact one of our bridge specialists and they will be happy to give a material recommendation that best suites your specific application.

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Deck Types


Wood Decking

Poured into a form pan provided by Excel, this is arguably the best deck for most situations. 

Economical, rustic and natural, wood is specified on at least half the bridges Excel builds.

Top Grade IPE: (sometimes referred to as Ironwood®):
Provides the toughest, longest lasting, and least warping/cupping type of wood deck.

Metal or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) grate decks are usually used in industrial applications or in areas where it is desired to keep animals from crossing the bridge. 

Usually considered to be a less popular choice for a pedestrian or single lane vehicular bridge.

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Why Excel Bridge?

Excel’s fabrication, sales and engineering people have priceless years of experience bidding and designing to the owner’s specifications. Since 1988, Excel Bridge has focused on one thing – building quality bridges. Because of this, most shop drawings are approved for fabrication with the first review. This precise fabrication virtually eliminates additional crane fees, damages or assembly problems in the field.

Should a problem arise, however, Excel’s liberal ten-year warranty ensures that it will be addressed immediately and with ease. Combine that with oversized load trucking specialists who are familiar with all the States DOT regulations and it’s simple to see why Excel Bridge is the industry’s preferred choice.

Strategically Located Manufacturing Facilities:
We have 3 manufacturing facilities that span both coasts of the United States. What does this mean for you? We can manufacture your bridge in the facility closest to your destination thus dramatically lowering the freight cost.

Pricing without Gimmicks or Games:
Unlike many builders in our industry, the price we give you is the price. We won’t give you the high price first then come back with something lower after you shop around to undercut. We also won’t try to hide costs or suggest subpar materials. Perhaps it’s our old-fashioned approach to business, but we believe in a quality product with a fair price (which is seemingly rare these days).

Exceptional Customer Service:
We are a family owned and operated business that believe reputation is everything. We won’t try and sell you a bridge with higher priced materials to try and gouge you. In-fact, many times we do the opposite and let our customers know there may be a less expensive alternative. You won’t find annoying automated phone systems either! If you need to get ahold of a specialist, they are ready to take your call. If you need to speak to the owner, he won’t dodge your call. When you need answers, you get them!

“I had contact with two representatives from your company. The first provided four possible options and was ready to assist in any way possible. The second remained available throughout the project and his calm and professional manner instilled confidence. The bridge exceeded everyone’s expectations. Thank you!”

John Michalewicz – Senior Director of Facilities at University of Hartford

Additional Resources & Considerations


Did you have any questions that you couldn’t find the answers to? Contact one of our bridge specialists and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. If not, would you give us the opportunity to earn your business? Get a Free Quote